Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Vivian Bizios


Dr. Bizios ND has a special interest in supporting patients interested in optimizing their fertility and those undergoing ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) therapies such as IVF.

Roughly 1 in 6 couples experience infertility, a number which has doubled since the 1980’s.  Poor dietary habits, food and environmental chemical exposure, stress, inactivity, advanced parental age and unhealthy lifestyles are contributing to this statistic.  

Dr. Bizios ND helps both parents optimize their health prior to conception by offering a Fertility Enhancement Program to support a healthier start to a new life. 

Fertility Enhancement Program

On average, it takes 100 days for an egg to mature and for sperm to develop, for this reason, prenatal care should begin closer to 4 months prior to conception.  Once egg and sperm come together, a permanent blueprint of baby is formed.  This blueprint mirrors the overall health, nutrient status and toxic load of the egg and sperm over the past 100 days.  Naturopathic care takes advantage of this window and aims to support the growth and development of healthier embryos that grow in to healthier babies.

When to start?

  • The Fertility Enhancement program uses a benchmark of 100 days (ideally 4 months) of naturopathic care for optimizing the health of egg and sperm prior to conception.

Who can benefit?

  • All parents planning to conceive
  • Anyone undergoing ART (IVF, IUI)
  • Recently coming off birth control
  • Advanced maternal age, poor egg quality, low ovarian reserve
  • Overweight or obese
  • History of fertility problems (miscarriage, premature birth)
  • Reproductive health complaints (endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, implantation issues, thin lining, poor circulation)
  • Hormonal concerns (luteal phase defect, early menopause/elevated FSH, ovulatory disorders, thyroid conditions)
  • Male factor infertility concerns
  • Autoimmune infertility
  • Unexplained infertility

What we do?

  • Optimize diet, nutrition, vitamin and minerals stores
  • Test and restore hormone levels
  • Use preconception nutraceuticals to boost fertility
  • Assist the body in detoxification
  • Improve health of reproductive organs
  • Improve resilience to stress
  • Lab testing to determine underlying causes of infertility
  • Work with your doctor to improve chances of success with IVF treatment
  • Acupuncture (to increase blood flow to reproductive organs, balance hormones, reduce stress, improve IVF outcomes)
  • Bowen therapy (to reset the nervous system, reduce muscle tension and help manage stress)