Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Vivian Bizios

Clinical Focus

Dr. Bizios ND has a special interest in hormonal health.  Many patients seek out our services for a natural approach to hormonal imbalances. Stress, fatigue, adrenal health, thyroid disord​ers, insulin resistance, diabetes, PMS, menstrual complaints, menopausal symptoms and more.

"The future of healthcare lies in a personalized approach to all patient care" - Dr. Vivian Bizios ND

New Patient

First-time patients must complete an intake form. You may download and complete the required intake form beforehand and bring this to your first appointment by clicking the link below. 


​This is a professional Naturopathic Clinic dedicated to providing excellence in individualized health care.  We believe that everyone can benefit from naturopathic medicine; therefore we are committed to serving patients of all ages suffering from chronic illness and acute conditions to those who are simply interested in disease prevention and optimizing their health. 

Commonly, patients seek out our services for the following reasons:

  • To complement mainstream medical treatments
  • As a natural alternative to conventional medical therapy
  • To prevent illness and promote optimal wellness
  • To address unexplained symptoms and illness
  • To obtain a reliable second opinion on a health condition from a licensed Naturopathic Doctor